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Trend Data Chart

The Scorecard includes trend data for a select number of key outcome measures across the five issue areas. The trend indicators show movement in a particular data measure over time, but do not include information on whether or not the change over time is significant. 

Create a graphic comparing your state with up to three other states and the United States on any trend indicator in the Scorecard. Download and save the graphic to include in presentations, reports or on your website. 

Use the menu below to create a graphic by choosing (1) which states to include and (2) which data measure to highlight. 

Note on Change in Net Worth, Asset Poverty and Liquid Asset Poverty: Data are point estimates produced from a national survey with relatively small samples for some states, which can result in imprecise estimates. As a result, changes in the estimates from year to year may reflect sampling variability rather than 'real' changes over time. Please use caution in interpreting these data. For more information on how we measured precision and to download margin of error data for each state, see here.

Charts are produced as PNG graphic files that can be embedded in documents, presentation or web pages.

Step 1. Select up to four states to plot

The United States average is included on all charts.

Step 2. Select a trend indicator to report on

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