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Name Organization Date
Alice Coday Financial Empowerment Network | Seattle-King County 2015-10-19
Amy Williamson United Way California Capital Region 2015-10-19
Andrew Geisert FSW Inc. CT 2015-10-19
Arohi Pathak CFED 2015-10-19
Aubrey Mancuso Voices for Children in Nebraska 2015-10-19
Audrey Casillas Koreatown Youth and Community Center 2015-10-19
Aulii George Office of Hawaiian Affairs 2015-10-19
Becky Carter Colorado East Community Action Agency 2015-10-19
Beth Race Supports to Encourage Low-income Families (SELF) 2015-10-19
Betty Habershon Community Financial Center of Prince George's Comm College 2015-10-19
Bill Mills Florida Prosperity Partnership 2015-10-19
Brent Kakesako Hawai'i Alliance for Community-Based Economic Development (HACBED) 2015-10-19
Carrie Harris The D&E Group 2015-10-19
Catherine Bryan Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition 2015-10-19
Christina Finsel Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition 2015-10-19
Christine Tiddens Catholic Charities of Idaho 2015-10-19
Courtney Bettle Baltimore CASH Campaign 2015-10-19
Cynthia Zwick Arizona Assets Alliance 2015-10-19
Dara Duratinsky CFED 2015-10-19
Darren Liddell Catalyst Miami 2015-10-19

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