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Is the opportunity to grow a business or get a job that pays a sufficient wage with benefits available to all those who choose to pursue it?

Business ownership and job quality play an important role in helping families earn income and build wealth over time. Earned income is the single most important contributing factor to a household’s ability to save money, access affordable credit and build assets, while business equity is second only to homeownership nationally as a share of household wealth.

Outcome Measures

Microenterprise Ownership Rate
Small Business Ownership Rate
Business Ownership by Race
Business Ownership by Gender
Business Value by Race
Business Value by Gender
Business Creation Rate
Private Loans to Small Business
Unemployment Rate
Unemployment by Race
Underemployment Rate
Low-Wage Jobs
Average Annual Pay
Retirement Plan Participation
Employers Offering Health Insurance

Trend Indicators

Change in Microenterprise Ownership
Change in Unemployment Rate
Change in Underemployment Rate
Change in Retirement Plan Participation

Policy Measures

Minimum Wage
Unemployment Benefits
Paid Leave
State Support for Microenterprise
Support for Unemployed Entrepreneurs
Loans for Beginning Farmers

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