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CFED Assets & Opportunity Scorecard

Overall Performance
Issue Area Outcome Grades

The Scorecard assesses states on the financial security and economic opportunity of households on 61 outcome measures. On 56 of the 61 measures, states are compared to each other and ranked. Measures in each issue area are averaged, ranked and graded. Individual issue area outcome ranks and grades are calculated using roughly the same methodology as overall ranks – individual measure ranks are summed and averaged within the issue area to generate an score for that issue area, upon which the states are ranked. Issue area grades are assigned on a curve: states that rank from 1 to 10 earn an A; from 11 to 20 earn a B; from 21 to 36 earn a C; from 37 to 46 earn a D; and from 47 to 51 earn an F.

By Issue Area
StateFinancial Assets & IncomeBusinesses & JobsHousing & HomeownershipHealth CareEducation
Alabama F D C C F
Alaska A B A C D
Arizona D D C F D
Arkansas D D B C D
California C C D D C
Colorado B A B C A
Connecticut B D F A A
Delaware B C C A B
District of Columbia D A D B C
Florida C D D F C
Georgia F D D F D
Hawaii A A C A B
Idaho C B A C D
Illinois C C D C C
Indiana C C C C C
Iowa A C A A B
Kansas C C A C B
Kentucky D F C B D
Louisiana F C D D D
Maine B A C A B
Maryland C C D C A
Massachusetts B B F A A
Michigan C C B B C
Minnesota A B A C B
Mississippi F F C D F
Missouri C C C C C
Montana B A A F B
Nebraska B D A C B
Nevada D F D D D
New Hampshire A A C A A
New Jersey C B F C A
New Mexico D F C D F
New York C B F B C
North Carolina C D C D C
North Dakota A A B B A
Ohio C D D A C
Oklahoma D B B D D
Oregon B B D C C
Pennsylvania C C C B C
Rhode Island C C F B C
South Carolina D F B C F
South Dakota B C B C C
Tennessee D C C D C
Texas D C B F D
Utah A B A D A
Vermont A A B A A
Virginia C A B D B
Washington A B C B A
West Virginia D D A A F
Wisconsin A C C B B
Wyoming B A A B C

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