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Health Care Reports & Graphics

Is there broad access to health insurance as protection against income interruption and asset depletion from medical bills?

Access to health care provides families with a safety net that complements their asset ownership and protects against the financial burdens of a major medical emergency or treatment of a chronic illness. 

Outcome Measures

Uninsured Rate
Uninsured by Race
Uninsured by Income
Uninsured by Gender
Uninsured Low-Income Children
Uninsured Low-Income Parents
Employer-Provided Insurance Coverage
Employee Share of Premium
Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

Trend Indicators

Change in Uninsured Rate
Change in Uninsured Low-Income Children
Change in Employer-Provided Insurance Coverage

Policy Measures

Medicaid Expansion
Medicaid and CHIP: Simplified Procedures for Children
Expanded COBRA Coverage
Limitations on Hospital Charges, Billing and Collections

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