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CFED Assets & Opportunity Scorecard

Financial Assets & Income Reports & Graphics

Are there widespread opportunities for wealth creation and protection, particularly for low-income residents?

Asset ownership and financial security are interconnected. Owning assets means having greater economic stability and mobility; assets enable millions of Americans to plan for the future, buy a home, prepare for retirement, send their children to college and weather unexpected financial storms.

Outcome Measures

Income Poverty Rate
Asset Poverty Rate
Asset Poverty by Race
Asset Poverty by Gender
Asset Poverty by Family Structure
Liquid Asset Poverty Rate
Liquid Asset Poverty by Race
Liquid Asset Poverty by Gender
Liquid Asset Poverty by Family Structure
Extreme Asset Poverty Rate
Net Worth
Unbanked Households
Underbanked Households
Households with Savings Accounts
Consumers with Subprime Credit
Borrowers 90+ Days Overdue
Average Credit Card Debt
Bankruptcy Rate

Trend Indicators

Change in Net Worth
Change in Asset Poverty
Change in Liquid Asset Poverty
Change in Consumers with Subprime Credit
Change in Average Credit Card Debt

Policy Measures

State Earned Income Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit and Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
Tax Preparation Regulation
State Tax Fairness
Unemployment Compensation Using Prepaid Cards
Automatic Direct Deposit
Lifting Asset Limits in Public Benefit Programs
Statewide Financial Access Programs
Prize-Linked Savings
State Support for Individual Development Accounts
Protections from Predatory Short-Term Loans
Protections from Predatory Debt Settlement Practices
Debt Collection and Bankruptcy

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