Assets & Opportunity Network Leadership Experts Directory


Cynthia Zwick3

Executive Director
Arizona Assets Alliance
(602) 604-0640
Phoenix, AZ

Cynthia has worked for Arizona Community Action Association for 10 years, and has co-chaired the Arizona Assets Alliance for 4. She loves opportunities to educate the larger community and elected officials about ways to strengthen our communities and to have conversations that are informed and provide opportunities to dispel common myths about poverty. Cynthia enjoys learning about new and unfamiliar programs that provide connections so that those programs may grow, gain more participants and perhaps be supported through new partnerships. Cynthia enjoys being outdoors and trying not to take herself too seriously.

A&O; Network Lead Organization affiliation: Arizona Assets Alliance

Expertise in:

• Predatory lending

Special Skills in:

• Coalition building
• Policy advocacy
• Fundraising
• Marketing/communications
• Nonprofit Management

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