Children's Savings

Research indicates that low- and moderate-income children with college savings of just $500 or less are three times more likely to enroll in college and four times more likely to graduate. Children’s Savings Account (CSAs) are long-term asset-building accounts, established for children as early as birth and allowed to grow over their lifetime. CSAs are typically a 529 savings plan (named for the relevant section of the federal tax code), which is a state-sponsored, tax-preferred savings plan for qualified post-secondary education expenses. Accounts are supported by a local or state government agency or nonprofit. Each account is seeded with an initial deposit and built over time by contributions from family, friends and the children themselves. Accounts are augmented by savings matches and/or other incentives, and young accountholders and their families engage in age-appropriate financial education. At age 18, the savings in CSAs are typically used to fund higher education, but can also be used for other asset-building purposes, such as purchasing equipment to start a small business.



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