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Use this calculator to determine your asset poverty threshold.

Liquid asset poverty measures the minimum amount of liquid savings (i.e., cash, retirement savings, checking account, etc.) a household would need to get by at the poverty level in the event that an emergency left them without income. How much a household would need in liquid savings to avoid falling below this conservative threshold varies by household size.

Use this calculator to determine how much in liquid savings your household would need to avoid falling into liquid asset poverty.

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A household with savings below the liquid asset poverty threshold is at greater risk of suffering serious hardships in the face of an economic set back, like a sudden job loss, medical emergency or another financial crisis leading to a loss of income. Nearly half (43.5%) of households in the United States do not have this basic safety net to weather emergencies or prepare for future needs, such as homeownership or a child’s college education.

The liquid asset poverty threshold is based upon the most recent poverty guidelines published by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The HHS poverty guidelines vary by household size. The three-month liquid asset poverty threshold is calculated by dividing the annual poverty guideline for each household size by four.

To compare liquid asset poverty rates across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, visit the Assets & Opportunity Scorecard website. To see liquid asset poverty rates for your city or county, visit the Assets & Opportunity Local Data Center.

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