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Nearly half (45%) of all households in major American cities are financially vulnerable—without assets or adequate savings to cover basic expenses for even three months in the event of an emergency, such as a job loss or health crisis. The inability to bounce back from financial pitfalls is not only a detriment to families but also to the economic growth of the cities in which they live.

Local leaders are using innovative asset-building strategies to help individuals and families achieve economic security. Local governments, coalitions, community-based organizations and other stakeholders are implementing innovative and effective programs, creating powerful partnerships and delivering forward-thinking services to the communities they serve every day.

The Assets & Opportunity Local Data Center supports these growing efforts by providing local-level household financial security data and publications to make strategic decisions for effective policies and programs. You will find a host of resources, including estimates of household wealth and financial access for thousands of cities and counties in America through an interactive mapping tool as well as more in-depth data profiles for a growing number of cities.

The Local Data Center is a component of a larger partnership between CFED and Citi Community Development, Family Assets Count. Family Asset Count provides decision makers and advocates with the data and tools necessary to expand financial access, opportunity, and security to America’s vulnerable families. Over the next two years, Family Assets Count will work in ten cities, starting in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, and Sacramento, to inform programs and policies that move families into economic resilience.

For more information, visit and follow #assetscount.

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